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IT professionals and learning managers alike can count on ICTMicros for computer IT training courses and corporate online IT training videos covering Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Oracle, and other technologies and IT certification programs.

ICTMicros delivers comprehensive IT training courses directly to trainees by using a variety of formats. Whether you need live corporate online IT training classes presented to employees at your location or prefer to teach individuals via IT training videos on DVD, ICTMicros has solutions to match. For example, ICTMicros' corporate online IT training videos allow employees to sign in and participate in instructor-led training sessions from virtually any location in the world and at any time. This online option is ideal when you have multiple employees, who need specialized computer IT training, but are geographically separate or have different individual training needs.

With a video-based course hosted online, your employees can participate in comprehensive, instructor-led courses, such as cloud computing or IT security training, at their own pace and according to their own learning schedules. In addition to self-paced courses online and on DVD, ICTMicros also delivers live training at strategically located training centers, at your location in the form of onsite training classes, and online via live e-learning programs.

Available IT Training Courses

All Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Oracle, and other technologies and IT certification programs are available. Contact us today for more details.

As a provider of career IT training courses, ICTMicros also offers a vast selection of titles covering all aspects of information technology. For example, you may have employees who specialize in Microsoft Server administration while others are responsible for Cisco routers and switches. Both sets of technicians require specialized career IT training on a regular basis.

As technology changes, your IT team's skills must change as well. For example, if you've just invested in Oracle databases or VMware solutions, you'll need employees skilled in Oracle database administration or VMware virtualization. With ICTMicros' corporate training program, you can invest in new technologies with confidence because you can also equip your employees with the skills needed. Whether you need network security+ certified professionals on your team or want to equip your employees with new programming or networking skills, ICTMicros' IT training courses allow you to deliver the knowledge needed in a variety of convenient training formats.

Benefits of Microsoft IT Training

Microsoft certification validates your skills and highlights your accomplishments in successfully mastering the various Microsoft products and techniques. IT professionals with the appropriate Microsoft credentials are in high demand and command better salaries than equally skilled professionals who lack certification. ICTMicros can help you get the recognition you deserve through our series of Microsoft training courses.

Whether you are looking for certifications such as MCTS, MCITP, or MCPD or if you want Microsoft .NET training, MS Office skills or any other discipline, ICTMicros has the Microsoft IT training classes that deliver results.

Our courses come in a variety of delivery formats suitable to meet your learning style and requirements. For example, we offer hundreds of titles on computer based training discs as well as web-based courseware, IT training videos, Microsoft MCITP boot camps, instructor-led classes, virtual classrooms, and onsite options.

ICTMicros also stocks self-directed study guides for self-paced studies that you can use to learn new skills on your own. Our Microsoft training products will help you reach the certification level you desire on terms of your own choosing. If you lack the time to commit to attending standard classes, self-study products like CBTs and study guides are an excellent choice. If you want to earn your credentials ASAP, consider participating in one of our boot camps. These camps take place at our facility over a course of a few days of in-depth instruction and thoroughly prepare you for passing your certification exams at the end of the camp.

IT training doesn't have to be intimating, simply take it one step at a time. First, figure out what certification you want to pursue. Do you want to focus on networking? Or are databases your thing? Perhaps security has your interest. No matter which certification you choose, we can assist you as you work towards earning it.

Hands-on labs and practice exams are excellent tools to help you get the experience and skills you need for certification. Our Microsoft IT training classes and CBT programs take advantage of these tools so that you can dig in and master the technology. No matter which type of courseware you choose, you can be assured that the curriculum will take you step-by-step through the objectives spelled out by Microsoft.

As you progress through your Microsoft training, you will be adding new skills to your resume. Your job performance will immediately improve as you learn new techniques that allow you to work more efficiently. Once you've earned the credential, you will have a valuable, industry-recognized certification.

General Store & Inventory 2010
Database solution that module deals with Purchase of Items, Issue of Items, Maintenance of Stock, Automatic Reorder level Setting, Online request for stock from various sub-stores, Online stock transfer, maintenance of stock at different sub-stores, Physical stock verification and adjustment, Return of items to supplier etc.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 1,000

Online Providers Register/Directory 2010
This is an online database that revolutionalizes the way business is conducted in our country. The main purpose of this register is to create a sustainable and vibrant web- based forum for Procuring and Disposing Entities (PDEs) to interact with Providers hence promoting a more transparent and enabling business environment.

Hospital Management System 2010
Database management integrated patient management system, which captures complete and relevant patient information. The system automates the patient administration functions to have better and efficient patient care process.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 3,000

School Management System 2009
Database solution to manage school records to evaluate school growth, students progression, and other school services in the corporate world.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 1,000

Financial Accounting Software 2010
Accounting solution that deals with Cash/Bank, Receipt/Payments, Journal Voucher and General Ledger etc. Books like Cashbook, Bankbook and Ledger book can be generated. This module generates reports like Trail Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 1,000

Online School Profiles Directory 2010
A database driven website for all East African Schools. The site contains a database with all the details about East African Schools, enables search for Schools, Schools are be able to edit their details at any time for fellow other schools, clients and the public to view.

Pharmacy Management System 2009
Database solution that deals with the automation of general workflow and administration management process of a pharmacy. The pharmacy module is equipped with bar coding facility, which makes the delivery of medical items to the patient more efficient.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 700

Human Resource Management System 2010
Database management solution that involves the employee status information and profile, Salary payment (pay roll), appointment and recording of the different departments of the company in the corporate world.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 700

Hotel Management System 2011
Database solution that is designed to assist in the management of today's modern hotels. From registration (Network Enabled) to budgeting, JetHotel features an array of modules that provide integrated coverage of all hotel operations.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 2,000

Water Billing System 2010
Database solution that processes bills, payments, reports, manage customer details, inventory records, human resource details and payroll information of the water and sewerage authority to evaluate business growth in the corporate world.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 2,000

Watch out our free data management software and application programs download section to review the capabilities of our application software utilities and tools. Freeware demo of all application software tools are available to evaluate the software functionality for all standalones and networked computers.
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