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ICTMicros enables its clients to fully exploit technology for business transformation. Consulting and IT services from ICTMicros focus on defining, optimizing and aligning our clients’ business strategy with IT initiatives. We believe that business and technology work hand-in-hand. Technology is, thus, vital to the success of ICTMicros. We understand that it is imperative for us to stay up-to-date on the latest technological developments in the computer industry.

We have observed that proper solutions are those that are deployed to meet requirements that have been clearly and properly identified, articulated and agreed. Our team has both the experience and qualifications to achieve this, and it is what makes our services stand out.

Most of your daily life communications are done via the Internet either by email or social networks, business information travels at the speed of light round the world to deliver new opportunities. We have all become dependent on information technology and that is why we can all lose out if it goes wrong.

We have consultancy expertise across the core IT disciplines of Networking, Unified Communications, Telephony, Desktop, and Data Centre. The services are customizable to the client’s specific needs and include:-

  • Data Back Up
  • Data Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Fault Resolution
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Internet & E mail Monitoring
  • IT Strategy
  • License Management
  • Networking
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Relocation & Expansion
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Security & Virus Protection
  • Software Maintenance
  • Technical Design Consultancy
  • IT Resourcing
  • IT Consultancy Services
  • Program Management

From requirement gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects. To discuss your IT consultancy requirements, please call us on +256 702 061242 or email to

We can support and guide your in-house staff when there is a need to obtain external and objective guidance, providing impartial advice in a number of technical and business areas.

Application Specification and Development

When you can't find what you’re looking for, before turning to any solution talk to us to find out how to minimize the risks and get the best out of a new project.

Before commencing the procurement of a new application or website it is important to develop a specification that is agreed and supported by all areas of the organisation. Our consultants have extensive business experience and can work with you and your stakeholders to identify and document requirements and help you to evaluate and prioritize conflicting needs.

We have considerable experience of specifying and designing websites and on-line applications and we use a number of techniques, from user-profiling to accessibility audits, to ensure that all requirements are gathered and evaluated. Our approach will normally consider the ethnicity, literacy and special needs of the intended users to ensure that the website design is as inclusive as possible.

No one likes it but sometimes projects fail and it is necessary to obtain an expert opinion as to the quality and fitness for purpose of what has been supplied. We recently helped a not-for-profit organisation determine whether or not the website and database they had purchased was constructed in a suitable manner. Unfortunately it wasn’t and our written report was used to negotiate a settlement.

Having helped a number of organisations select a content management system or utilize our methodologies for Customer Management Solution selection, we are well-placed to provide guidance and advice in this area.

To discuss your application or website consultancy requirements please contact us on +256 702 061242 or email to

Guidance to IT Management

What are the options available? Manage it yourself or ask a supplier to do it for you. Ensuring the right strategy is in place that fits the goals of your organisation, talk to one of our consultants to see where we can help.

Do it yourself? Out-source? Deciding how to provide, support and manage your IT infrastructure is a continuing challenge for organisations of all sizes. With recommendations (often conflicting) coming thick and fast from both your internal staff and your prospective or incumbent suppliers it is often difficult to obtain an objective view. We have recently provided consultancy to review a charity’s IT Infrastructure strategy and helped a medium-sized organisation develop their strategy for server virtualization. In both cases our expert consultants were able to review technical, business and organizational requirements and to provide both organisations with impartial advice and clear unambiguous recommendations.

IT Procurement

The minefield of picking the right supplier; Have you asked them the right questions, are you comparing oranges for apples. We can be involved as much or as little as needed.

Procurement of IT stuff can be a challenging process and good advice and a robust procurement process can reduce your purchasing costs significantly while also ensuring that the item you procure is actually what you need and is fit for purpose. That there are no hidden costs and that what you end up paying over the life of the item is what you thought it was going to be.

To discuss your IT Infrastructure and Management consultancy requirements please contact us on +256 702 061242 or email to

Some of our recent projects include:
  • Requirements gathering for procurement of CRM System
  • Requirements gathering for procurement of Website Analytics Package
  • Development of a methodology for selection of Content Management System
  • Development of a methodology for Intranet Design
  • Determination of the correct strategy for the design of a global application
  • Assessment of server virtualization proposal
  • Review of IT Infrastructure Strategy
  • Selecting a small VOIP telephone exchange
  • Business continuity planning
  • Selecting an outsource partner
  • Guiding the procurement of a website and database application
  • Development of IT contracts for Applications and Services
  • Advising on litigation
General Store & Inventory 2010
Database solution that module deals with Purchase of Items, Issue of Items, Maintenance of Stock, Automatic Reorder level Setting, Online request for stock from various sub-stores, Online stock transfer, maintenance of stock at different sub-stores, Physical stock verification and adjustment, Return of items to supplier etc.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 1,000

Online Providers Register/Directory 2010
This is an online database that revolutionalizes the way business is conducted in our country. The main purpose of this register is to create a sustainable and vibrant web- based forum for Procuring and Disposing Entities (PDEs) to interact with Providers hence promoting a more transparent and enabling business environment.

Hospital Management System 2010
Database management integrated patient management system, which captures complete and relevant patient information. The system automates the patient administration functions to have better and efficient patient care process.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 3,000

School Management System 2009
Database solution to manage school records to evaluate school growth, students progression, and other school services in the corporate world.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 1,000

Financial Accounting Software 2010
Accounting solution that deals with Cash/Bank, Receipt/Payments, Journal Voucher and General Ledger etc. Books like Cashbook, Bankbook and Ledger book can be generated. This module generates reports like Trail Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 1,000

Online School Profiles Directory 2010
A database driven website for all East African Schools. The site contains a database with all the details about East African Schools, enables search for Schools, Schools are be able to edit their details at any time for fellow other schools, clients and the public to view.

Pharmacy Management System 2009
Database solution that deals with the automation of general workflow and administration management process of a pharmacy. The pharmacy module is equipped with bar coding facility, which makes the delivery of medical items to the patient more efficient.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 700

Human Resource Management System 2010
Database management solution that involves the employee status information and profile, Salary payment (pay roll), appointment and recording of the different departments of the company in the corporate world.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 700

Hotel Management System 2011
Database solution that is designed to assist in the management of today's modern hotels. From registration (Network Enabled) to budgeting, JetHotel features an array of modules that provide integrated coverage of all hotel operations.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 2,000

Water Billing System 2010
Database solution that processes bills, payments, reports, manage customer details, inventory records, human resource details and payroll information of the water and sewerage authority to evaluate business growth in the corporate world.
Download | Read More | Buy Now | USD 2,000

Watch out our free data management software and application programs download section to review the capabilities of our application software utilities and tools. Freeware demo of all application software tools are available to evaluate the software functionality for all standalones and networked computers.
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